viernes, 1 de febrero de 2013

The Topiary Art

The topiary art is a gardening practice that consist on giving artistic forms to the plants by cutting with pruning scissors. We have nearly infinites options to give particular forms to plants.
 The artistic pruning is as old as our civilization and goes back in time to the Romans’ time. The name comes from the Latin word topiaries  “gardener-ornamental landscape” creator of topia or “places”; a Greek word that the Romans applied too to interior sceneries painted at fresco.
Its origin is in roman gardening where roman villas owners used to walk through their gardens surrounded by sculpted figures in shrubs, and continued during the Italian Renaissance. In the XV century, Italy became the birthplace of the European Renaissance. His artists looked toward the past and inspire on the classic culture to develop their creations. The gardeners were not ignorant about this trend and, the tidy gardens with corridors and very pronounced figures, majestic arches and geometric volumes as never seen before, became fashionable again.