lunes, 21 de julio de 2014


In our current society any effort to achieve the Three  R´s; reduce, reuse and recycle is laudable. End even more in this context of crisis, where the domestic economies are trying to reduce the expense of money to reach  the end of the month.

In moments of crisis ingenuity must be increased in order to find new ideas permitting us to solve our necessities. And if we do with domestic and reused materials much better.

In this case, I made one garden curb with soft-drinks’ cans- A cheap and easy work.

The baseline material for the manufacture of the soft-drinks’ cans is one tin-plate roll (steel  covered up with tin) or aluminum. During the production, the tin-plate roll goes through many phases of protective varnish and dryings, that gives a good level of resistance with external agents to the soft-drinks’ cans.


- Soft-Drinks’ cans.
- Gloves.
- Scissors for sheet.
- Rivets of aluminum.
- Manual riveter.


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