lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

The Purchase of the Plants

The price of the trees and shrubs can vary depending on its size, on where we buy it, on the plant´s exoticism, or on its life (annual, biannual or perennial).

It is possible to get interesting prices if we search for bargains even in garden centers near our city or searching by internet. You can gent plants in online shops of garden centers and also buying to particulars.

Buying to particulars is the most cheap source, but you have to get informed well and trust in the good faith of the particulars.

Nowadays there are different ways of buying plants:

- Department Stores

In Department Stores they usually have the popular shrubs and flowers of the season, for example, the Christmas flowers or roses on Happy Valentine´s day.

You get the plants at the same moment you pay for them.
The heating can wither the plants. Choose them with care.
The plants directly to our house.
Only the popular varieties.

- Garden Centers

Visiting  your nearby garden center is a pleasure for the gardening fan, because you can enjoy a great variety of trees and shrubs in a small space.

We see what we are buying.
It s impossible that they have all the varieties of plants.
The plants directly to our house
The price usually is expensive.
You can place orders (for large plantation:   hedges, mass,…)

- Online Garden Center Shop

With the rise of the internet, buying online has acquired more importance.

They present a big catalog.
You can not see the plant you are buying.
You can get exotic and strange varieties.
We do not receive it immediately.
We receive it in our house.
Many times they do not have the plants stock updated and  after placing your order you discover that there are not available.
You can find good prices searching on the different shops.
Shipping costs are expensive.

During the transport the plants can suffer damages.

- Buying to particulars

Buying to particulars is interesting because you can get in contact with gardening fans and share experiences.

The Price is usually cheap.
You can not see the plant you are buying.
You receive it in our house.
Small varieties.

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