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Norway Spruce

Name: Norway Spruce

Latin name: Picea abies

Foliage: Perennial

Mature height: It reaches 164-196 ft, but it can reach until 230 ft.

Description: Despite of being called Norway spruce or Christmas spruce it doesn´t belong to the Abies genus; it is a conifer of pinaceae family.
Native of all Europe, from Nordic countries to the Balkans, normally they form forests on altitudes higher than 2625 ft.

It becomes a big tree, with green dark foliage and brown leaf buds. The shoots that sprout in spring are green/yellow colored and last two months. Later on, the color standardizes.
The fruits of the Picea are hanging pine cones, while in Fir Trees grew straight on the branches. They have oval shape about 315⁄16 – 619/64 inches length. The color is green and, later brown.

Soil and Location: For his cultivation it must be placed right out in the sun or in middle-shade. It needs deep and humid grounds. It is sensitive to the late frosts and, mostly, to the summer droughts.

Pruning: It is not necessary.

Reproduction: It can be multiply by seed or by cutting.

Interesting notes: Very known as the popular Christmas tree.
Root system very superficial, with large horizontal roots that in certain situations can cause stability problems.

It is very valued in gardening, taking up an outstanding place in parks and European gardens. It is also used for reforestation due to his wood, of light color, easy to work with, and with fine finish.
Ideal for cabinetmaking and to make musical instruments; the famous Stradivarius violins were made with this kind of tree.
It is also useful for paper industry and as construction material.

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