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How to create a Road on the Garden?


In this work the customer demanded us a project to make nicer the way to the outside hanger: one simple design, functional and not so expensive.

We decided to build one paved road to the hanger, because in our climate zone, showers are abundant during all the year. Waterlogged soils were usual in the way to the hanger and many times it was necessary to wear rain boots, making this a bit uncomfortable.

Before starting to build a road, we should think about the water evacuation. In this case, the gaps between the mortar tiles work as drainage. The road is only for pedestrians’ use, so it is not going to support heavy weights. The road was made with mortar mass.

Regarding the road design, it narrows gradually to give a bigger space sensation and to focus the look.


- Cement mortar
- Water
- Weed control fabric
- Wood board (To create the mold)
- Nails (To join the mold)
- Release agent (to prevent materials from bonding to the mold)


- Gloves
- Hoe
- Shovel
- Wheelbarrow
- Trowel, filling knife
- Hammer
- Level
Construction Process:

1. Mold design and assembly:

We designed one mold with straight forms, with different rectangles sizes.

It was built with strips of fir tree’s wood. The mold was covered with the release agent to cover the wood´s pinholes. With the help of the nails and a hammer we created the design.

2. Remove the grass layer and leveling

We removed the superficial layer of grass, trying to leave the working ground free of grass, roots and seeds. We also tried to leave the surface the most straight as possible.

 3. Weed control fabric positioning

4. Mold positioning and leveling

At the time of leveling the mold, we must take into account the whole road as one. Not each rectangle as unique.

5. Pouring the mortar into the mold

We carefully poured the mortar making-up to the top of the mold. Then we hit the mold slightly to make the bubbles come up, and finally we flattened the surface with the help of the trowel.

 6. Remove carefully the mold

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